Red-legged partridge


Red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa)

Size: 28  x 10  cm (Real size)

Weight: 1237 g

Base: Natural wooden board lacquered in black and natural stone.

SOLD. Each piece is unique and made to order. If you want to know the price, the exact delivery time, or you want the bird in a certain posture, please contact us.



Información adicional


UNIQUE PIECE: Modeled and hand painted. ARTISTS WHO HAVE INTERVENED: Pilar Gamero, painter and Toni Postigo, sculptor. MATERIALS USED : Natural clay from Sierras Subbéticas Geopark and oil painting. FIRING: For 24 hours in a traditional Iberian style oven until it reaches over 1.000 ºC. CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY: All the sculptures are signed or sealed and are delivered with numbered authenticity certificate. RECOMMENDATIONS: Clean with a soft dry cloth. The piece can be exposed on the outside (terraces, gardens, etc …). Take special treatment to protect it. However, keep in mind that there is no material that eternally withstands the weather elements.